visual & performance artist

IMG_4293IMG_4292IMG_4279IMG_4296IMG_4295IMG_4304IMG_4305IMG_4290IMG_4288IMG_4289IMG_4286IMG_4285IMG_4298IMG_4277IMG_4278IMG_4282‘misc’ Exhibition, Bridge Red Studios Miami
The work presented takes it’s theme, (and materials) from the throw-away ./ cast-off culture we see becoming ever more apparent:‘food’ wrapping, plastic toys, construction materials, packaging, and other miscellaneous mass-produced toxic junk that seems more and more to surround and engulfs us; junk and garbage, cast off and dumped wherever…
The initial concern was the growing colonies of cast-off people living in the streets, under the freeways, in abandoned buildings; survivors of our throw-away wars, collapsed families and communities, the addiction / medication industries, and other traumatizing by-products of a hierarchical, debt / consumption, treadmill culture that has become grotesquely competitive, disconnecting, and merciless.
One way or another, like Nature itself…sprouting through cracks and chinks, climbing across ruins and dumps, people at the bottom survive too
So this work seeks to consider our anthropological trash heap, as a telling barometer of where ‘advancement’, and ‘progress’, and ‘growth’, might actually be trending, alongside record-breaking financial markets and luxury towers, the thrown-away that’s less and less ‘hidden’, and more and more ‘ in plain sight’.