Construction 1 from David Rohn on Vimeo.

a self exploratory momment with a soundtrack based on the old song from the great Plagues of Middle Ages Europe:" Ring Around The Rosie".

King from David Rohn on Vimeo.

A short video about the king's clothes and taking things for granted.

Untitled from David Rohn on Vimeo.

Painting Into Performance 1 2007 from David Rohn on Vimeo.

A documentary video of a performance by David Rohn as a fictitious Viennese Art Curator who leads gallery visitors on a lecture tour of the paintings of artist David Rohn. Brunte Klause was forst invented as the curatorial adviser for a fictitious Miami art collector couple named Herb and Kitty Katzenjammer back in 2002.

video shot and edited by
Elizabeth Hall in 2007

Tick-Tock from David Rohn on Vimeo.

A well to do lady spends a typical day surrounded by her conspicuous and considerable consumption.
Starring Adora