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The Proposal:

To create a series of portraits of the  (hypothetical) Staff at the Vizcaya Villa. Because almost no info exists regarding the Staff, only 2, are based on a small amount of Archival Material : The Head Housekeeper and the Day Server.

The series was installed throughout the Period Rooms of the Villa in Period Style picture frames. May 2017-Oct. 2017

VizButler 2FFhuSdSM Housekeeper 2FFsdSM Manager FsdSM LaundressHu FF1sdSM chef F1sdSM VizSeamstress F 1sdSM VizChauffeur 1FFsdSM Maid 2HU-1FFsdSM VizGardiner 2FFFhuSdSM Maid 4huFFbSdSM

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