visual & performance artist

Vizcaya Lost Spaces Proposal:

To present a series of (auto) portraits  throughout the rooms of the villa, placed on surfaces and sometimes on walls, where these characters might have often been present in their roles at the Villa:

The idea is for visitors to discover the staff  haphazardly in corners and nooks, just as a guest might have done back in the day, as they passed, or interacted with servants carrying out their duties, throughout the house.



Viz 4 SmViz 8Sm
Viz 7 Sm
Viz 2 Sm
chef F1huSd
Laborer 1cFsdSm
LaundressHu F1sdSm
Day Server1FsdSm
Housekeeper 2FsdSm
Viz Footman 1FFfsdMaid 4huFFbSdSm